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Tony has been at the forefront of transformations across several organizations. As a multiple time founder and a strategic counsellor to numerous leaders and entrepreneurs, he has become known for his human-centric and multidisciplinary approach as well a master of pattern recognition. He identifies and capitalizes on trends that not only can disrupt markets, but that can equally create purpose-driven and durable value alongside positive change for society at large.

His current professional endeavors focus around two firms he co-founded, Cue Ball Capital and MiniLuxe. As CEO of Cue Ball, he is building a different model for venture capital while as Chairman of MiniLuxe, he is helping transform the most-used beauty service with the largest vocational class of women – nail care.

Cue Ball was founded to be purpose-driven, people-first, and patient-always (with permanent capital) in its investment approach. Cue Ball’s business goal is to turn early growth opportunities into long-term durable value. Willing to look where others are not, Cue Ball has committed more than 50% of its capital for women-led, inclusionary ventures.

Since its inception, MiniLuxe has created industry-leading standards for clean and safe beauty and provided greater economic mobility for the largest segment of vocational workers in this country – nail technicians. Within the next five years the goal is to become one of the largest educators and employers of diverse women in America.

Goodness Beyond Competency

Tjan was pioneering in the commercialization of the Internet. He founded ZEFER, a multi-disciplinary Internet advisory firm that grew to $100M before merging with NEC, and served as the senior strategic advisor to Dick Harrington, CEO of the Thomson Corporation. Together, Tjan and Harrington catalyzed one of the largest information media transformations, developing the strategy that ultimately resulted in the creation of Thomson Reuters. In addition to Thomson, Tjan served for 15 years at the Vice Chairman of The Parthenon Group and started his career at McKinsey & Company. He’s been named at Top 10 consultant in the country.

As an author, he’s authored 125 articles for the Harvard Business Review, and authored Good People and co-authored the New York Times Bestseller, Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck that was also named one of Fast Company’s “Best Business Books” of the year.  Tjan holds AB and MBA degrees from Harvard University, where he served as a Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government. He sits on the Advisory Council for the MIT Media Lab and is board member The Tory Burch Foundation that focuses on empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs. In 2018, he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

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How to build a Company That (Actually) Values Integrity. Six ways leaders can show its more than just a box to check.


Anthony TjanChairman and Co-Founder

Entrepreneur and business-builder turned NYT best-selling author and venture investor committed to working with and learning from people, especially founders, who seek category-defining and culturally-shaping change that yields positive change and durable value creation. Fundamentally, take a purpose-driven and people-first approach to everything in the knowledge and comfort that clear purpose plus good people pushes the world forward in more human and beautiful ways.